In Catalonia ( Spain ), there are three ways of calling Spinning tops according to their size and the way they have to be danced.
These are.


Tipical Baldufa of Catalonia

BALDUFA ( Classic traditional ) - VIROLET ( Fingers of the hand )

TROMPITXOL ( Whip ) - GYROSCOPE ( Scientific )

    A good Spinning must turn well and to be attractive visually.     For their production the most important thing is to arrange the center of gravity correctly.     The difficulty is in the localization of the exact point of that center, since the wood of the north part of the tree can have a different weight from the wood of the south part, although they are very dry.     Spinning accustoms to be made of beechwood.     Regrettably, the number of artisans that are devoted to the production of traditional Spinning diminishes every year, for what is convenient to encourage this traditional old art.     The application of the laws of the physics regarding Spinning is extremely difficult of understanding, although we can think of the Earth like a great Spinning, turning without stopping on its axis.