Street games:

    Most of the games with Spinning tops, that were practiced and that are still practiced in streets of our country, are the pineapple compound numbers, that is to say, those in that it should be made collide Spinning Top of another player making that ours him of a strong blow.     The variety is expanded according to the districts.

           In the circle:

     With the tip of the Spinning Top a great circle is made in the floor.     All the players must throw it into the circle and get it to exit dancing. If it was not this way, and the Spinning Top stayed inside of the circle, other players must try to take it out and to make a pineapple, and the player that has been able to take it out of the circle will own the Spinning Top.

           To advance a position:

     Two parallel lines are traced to enough distance one of the other.      Aligned along one of the lines, there are arranged some Spinning Top and, from the other line, players throw their ones, making them dance, until touching those that are at the first line.    Every Spinning Top that is touched will be won.    One of the conditions of the game is that it is not admitted Spinning Top to dance outside of the area that separates both lines.

           Double circle:

     Two concentric circles are traced.     Players must try to put the Spinning Top inside the inner circle.     If they do not get it because the Spinning Top comes out dancing, other players must make it enter the circle hitting it with their Spinning Top.

           At Cross:

        A cross is traced in the floor.     The target of the game consists on making dance the baldufa as closer of the node of the cross as possible.     The baldufa that has gone most far away must be attacked by the other players.      Who gets it keeps the Spinning Top and wins the game.